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Hacktivism Is a Risky Career Path

The IT Army of Ukraine saw a huge influx of first-time hackers. But what happens to them after the war?


CNET corrected most of its AI-written articles

CNET has issued corrections for over half of the AI-written articles the outlet recently attributed to its CNET Money team. Following an internal audit after it was first notified of an AI-written article with substantial errors , CNET Editor-in-Chief Connie…


DOJ says it disrupted a major global ransomware group

The US Department of Justice has spent months infiltrating and disrupting the Hive ransomware group, the agency announced on Thursday. The DOJ says Hive has targeted over 1,500 victims in more than 80 countries, extorting hundreds of millions of dollars in ra…


Google made the right choice not diving into consumer AI bots

Regardless of the real reasons, Google not releasing its own advanced AI as a chatbot is a good thing.


Overconfidence and AI

Human beings are often more effective when we’re a bit self-effacing. “I think,” “Perhaps,” or “I might be missing something, but…” are fine ways to give our assertions a chance to be considered. The solar-powered LED calculator we used in school did no such …


BuzzFeeds CEO says AI could usher in a new model for digital media, but warns against a dystopian path

Over the holidays, while most media executives were perhaps looking to get a reprieve from work, Jonah Peretti was online, fully immersed in experimenting with artificial intelligence.